Dr. Mike Abenoja

Mike Abenoja is the founder and owner of Anchor Sports Chiropractic. Dr. Mike has been a health care provider since 2010. His extensive experience working with athletes allows him to implement the professional care to his own patients. As an athletic trainer and a strength & conditioning specialist, he was picked to serve as a medical provider and treating clinician for athletes training at the USOC Olympic Training Center. His outstanding clinical acumen and ability to connect with athletes led to multiple invitations. During his first rotation at the US Olympic Training Center, he observed first hand how effective a multidisciplinary approach is to a specialized treatment.

A graduate from National University of Health Sciences, he is committed to establish a high caliber treatment for the community and provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treating various injuries. Dr. Mike will combine functional movement-based treatment, active release technique, instrument assisted mobilization, sports taping and exercise rehabilitation that complements his specialty in manipulative adjustments.

Meet The Anchor

Anchor Sports Chiropractic would not exist today without the love and support of this woman, Shannon Abenoja. The true meaning of the anchor symbol represents stability, hope, determination and a reminder to be grounded. She represents all of the above (and then some). While Dr. Mike went through a grueling three and a half years of chiropractic school, Shannon gave birth to their two boys, Aiden and Connor. With her continued dedication to her family and unwavering commitment to his matriculation, she is the reason for the inception of Anchor Sports Chiropractic.

Shannon was born and raised in Florida. She grew up loving beach life and spent a great deal of time on the boat. Her passions include art, photography and enjoying the outdoors. She received her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from University of North Florida. Soon after, she decided to take a leap of faith. She quit her job, sold her car and bought a one way ticket to New York City. She was prepared for a new adventure, but landed in NYC with no place to live and no job. After years of hard-work and determination, she worked her way into a leadership position as a project manager for MAC Cosmetics. It was at this time that Mike and Shannon crossed paths and they have been inseparable ever since.

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